Yoga Sessions

One-on-One & Semi-private



Yoga is a practice that can transform your life. It is a practice of compassion, kindness, self-reflection, and continued awareness & growth.

Schedule a yoga session at your convenience in the privacy of your home or a relaxed outdoor location. You can book directly via AirBnB.

Hermanus offers some of the most amazing blue flag beaches – perfect to enjoy a private yoga session, whilst listening to the soothing sounds of the ocean.

Semi-private classes offer many of the same benefits as a private class, and allow you and a few friends to practice, learn and have fun together.

A great alternative to Kitchen Teas, or a great way to celebrate your Friendship Circle.

Through the daily practice of yoga I discovered the voice of my intuition and I make time every day to CELEBRATE MYSELF.

As a Health Coach I believe that everything is connected: relationships, spirituality, food and career, just as yoga also cultivates your connection between body, mind & spirit.

Yoga Sessions

The intention of my yoga classes is to help you discover and connect to the ‘deeper’ you.

My teaching philosophy is that anyone can practice yoga no matter your body type or experience.

As a teacher of Vinyasa Yoga I will help you build overall strength & flexibility. The yoga poses are linked together with the breath in a flowing sequence.

Yoga Sessions


A safe space to slow your mind down and restore a sense of balance.


You to become more aware of your body and learn how to counteract aches and pains associated with stress or poor postural habits.


A judge-free zone and offer you the opportunity to turn inward and learn more about yourself so that you can be of greater service to the people around you.


We will calm the body, mind & spirit by synchronizing movement with breath.

What to expect

  • The class will be 45minutes to an hour.
  • Either in the comfort of your own home or outdoor location.
  • I will assist and support you during the class.
  • You will be guided into the postures in a detailed manner.
  • Easy to moderate exercise.
  • Classes will consist of a gentle flow with basic postures.

Together with movement and breathing you will experience an enjoyable and rich journey to the body & mind.

Yoga Sessions


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