From a very young age I was attracted to crystals, and yes I do believe that they carry healing energy. Crystals has always been a part of our 4.6-billion-year-old planet, a gift from Gaia, the spirit of our planet. Make sure to check my blog on a regular basis as I introduce you to a few of my favorites and how you can implement them on a daily basis to reach your goals and reduce stress.

I dedicate this post to a very powerful variation – black tourmaline.

This stone is excellent for dispelling negativity in all forms, but especially the electromagnetic vibrations associated with cell phones and computers.

If you are working in a creative environment, make sure to get yourself one of these stones – it also stimulates practicality with creativity in order to help you achieve your desired goals & reduce stress.

There are hundreds of stones to utilize, each with their own unique vitality. Therefore, when shopping for your crystals, look for the one’s that resonates with you.

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