“Talking to Carmen has made all the difference in helping me keep healthy and sane during these difficult times. She’s helped me keep positive, find a purpose and better channel my energy into productive activities. She’s realistic and focuses on ones real capabilities, bringing out the best in one self. Highly recommend Carmen and the work she does.”

MM, Düsseldorf, Germany

“2020 has done a doozie on me and Carmen has helped me to look at everything in a more positive manner. After going to my GP and being put on anti depressants, I didn’t like the way my body reacted to the meds and thought there must be a better way to deal with the emotions I was feeling.

Carmen came into my life at the right moment and has helped me change into my true and more positive self in only one month!

I look at life and what comes my way in a completely different way now and have seen that even my relationship with my husband, children and staff has changed for the better. If she can do all of this in only one month, imagine what she can do in six!”

SG, Hermanus, Western Cape

“I came to Carmen at a point in my life where I had physically given up on the condition of my health and the issues I was facing. Mentally, physically and emotionally I was not in the best shape either and needed to seriously make a change. 

Carmen rescued ME!

Emotionally & mentally but most of all she restored me  back to the healthy person I was meant to be all these years. She helped me see my full potential and made me realize; that I too am important. Thank you Carmen for your unconditional love, patience and guidance over the last month. Thank you for the new ME!”

JVV, Kerinci, Indonesia

“Carmen saved my gut! With a few simple adjustments and her knowledgeable advise on what to eat, I’ve been feeling amazing. It was a wonderful experience working with Carmen and a priceless journey in being happier and healthier!

LJ, Villiersdorp, South Africa

“I love our Thursday meetings, just being able to talk without any judgement, really makes all the difference. Thank you for your patience and always being there for me.”

MC, Wolseley, South Africa

“Carmen was able to provide a holistic analysis of areas that affect my well-being, focusing on how, personally, my root chakra was reacting to, and affecting other areas of health and wellness in my body and spirit. She was a knowledgeable guide over the past month to help me form better habits and make small, health-boosting changes that were easy to incorporate into my busy lifestyle. I’m grateful for her no-nonsense approach, her mindfulness and earnest desire to help me achieve my health goals.”

MB, Colorado, USA

“I was at a point in my life where I could either continue in my old set ways or travel the unbeaten path towards a lifestyle I have wanted to have for many years. Through Carmen’s knowledge and determination, she has guided me to watch myself bloom and to truly live my best life with no boundaries. I now believe that I am a strong and powerful creator and give thanks to you Carmen for coming into my life and pushing me into the right direction.”

CG, Donegal, Ireland

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