Anybody else tired of the word Covid?

It is the one word I have chosen to not use any more, and rather opted to start diving into my Spiritual journey on our beautiful planet. Life has been blossoming ever since and looking back on the past 18 months I can say that life really is beautiful.

When hard lock down started in South Africa, life came to a stand still for many and as we slowly started getting use to slow living and not leaving your house (thank goodness we had a yard) I finally had time to dive deep into what my soul has always been wanting to do. Since my mother can recall I was always interested in crystals, the energy centres of the body and light (thus becoming a photographer)

Whilst traveling the seven seas as a photographer on cruise ships, I use to head out to book stores wherever the ship docked and buy books about chakras & crystals. So many books, but yet never took the time to study them intensely and finally 10 years later when there was nothing else except time, I started exploring it fiercely. My life has changed ever since and I am now on a mission to share the knowledge that I have gained in the past 18 months of my life and heal the world, one chakra at a time.

Exploring the electromagnetic system of the human body has been a phenomenal experience. What I thought would take me 7 days, touching base on one chakra a day, unfolded into the most incredible journey of a life time. It feels like the chakra system is a beautiful deep lake filled with knowledge of what the human is actually capable of when tapping into your energetic system. If you want to learn more, I engourage you to sign up for Shai Tubali’s 21-Day-challenge.

After doing several online courses about Chakras through the Natura Training Instute in Australia, something still pushed me to explore more and that is when I stumbled across Sumika Soul Spa based in Somerset West. This is when things finally started taking shape and I signed up for the Sacred Geometry course. These sacred teachings have been preserved intact through an oral hand down tradition which predates 3000 years of history. After completing my studies I now offer Ancient Crystal Healings to assist humans to live a life filled with purpose.

If woud like to book a session, please get in touch – my practice is in the beautiful coastal town of Hermanus.

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