Crystal Healing

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Crystal Healing

What is Crystal Healing?

Since the earliest times, crystals have been used to heal and restore balance. They help in releasing and clearing negative energy, thereby assisting in energy healing.

The Human Body has a complex electromagnetic system, also known as a vibrational energy system.
Crystals have been found to carry vibration that activates certain energy centers within our electromagnetic field, thus having a positive effect on our entire bodily system.

What to expect at a Crystal Healing?

In this therapy assorted stones are placed on or around the body that resonate with the energy centers of the body. This helps to release impending blockages, refining the flow of energy. The recipient is able to experience a deep state of tranquility, letting go of attitudes and habits that are no longer beneficial, assisting in tuning ourselves to the rhythm of life.
This therapy promotes peace & tranquility and reduces mental and nervous stress.

These healings empower you to heal old and new wounds while stepping into a pure mind to increase energy flow into the body, bringing in more good fortune and a general state of well-being.

Areas that we address in this session?

  • Releasing old patterns & core issues
  • Increasing Abundance
  • Sense of Well-being
  • Eliminate Mind chatter
  • Balancing Emotions
  • Enhanced lust for life
  • External/Internal Physical Ailments

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Energy Exchange : R500

Duration : 45minutes to an hour
Where : 12 Mountain Drive, Northcliff, Hermanus

**Bookings essential**

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