As a Health Coach I am always on the look out for interesting ways to enhance your health, lower stress and boost your immune system. I stumbled across the Su Jok massage ring and wow, I have seriously been blown away by all the benefits of this little magic ring. I was so happy with what it has done to by own well-being that I am now selling them to the public.

You can get your hands on one for only R95!

These small metal rings are made of little triangular points that stimulate your fingers. Acupressure applies the same principal as acupuncture but does not penetrate the skin. Instead, it provides relief by applying pressure to certain points on the body and thereby releasing tension. In my previous blog post I talk about the benefits of the Acupressure Mat.

The massage ring is one of the most popular items of Su Jok therapy. It is simple but very effective in toning up all the organs. By rolling the ring up and down your fingers, you will encounter a tingling sensation in your fingers, radiating through your body as blood circulation is improved. The triangular points of the ring stimulate the nerve endings on each finger while massaging the meridian points. 

Lately I’ve been feeling that weird mix of being drained and edgy, and I definitely feel like using an acupressure ring helps me find balance. The great thing about acupressure rings is they are affordable, so you can give one a try without any real risk.

Not only does it lower stress levels, but it can also be used as a natural pain relief. Either yourself or somebody you know is most likely suffering with swollen fingers in the morning – enter the Acupressure ring, and roll that puffiness away!

• Roll the ring on the first and middle fingers to improve digestion & the lungs.

• Roll on the middle and ring finger for relief of knee joint pain, sciatica, stomach pain, back, ankle & calf pain.

• Roll on the thumb to relief headache, toothache, stiffness of neck, insomnia & colds.

• Roll the ring on the little finger to relief tension in hands and feet.

So many benefits!

The meridian lines that is stimulated by this little magic tool is directly connected to the lungs, large & small intestine & pericardium (the sac around your heart) Talk about an all round fix, with just a roll of a ring! No wonder these rings are also referred to as Magic Rings.

Super helpful for moving energy through your body and bringing a mindfulness pause to your day. It is simple but very effective in toning up all the organs of your body & promotes an immediate sense of well – being, bringing a smile to the body & mind. The acupressure ring is a perfect trigger point stimulator.

If you are suffering from anxious energy right now (and who isn’t), you have no reason not to try an acupressure ring. It sure is a small investment with HUGE benefits. And if it’s not for you, just pass along the ZEN to a friend. 

The ring is not be worn permanently, but only to massage the fingers (or toes) Do not use on skin that is cut or injured. 

If you would like to see a video of how to use the ring, please head on over to my IG account – @celebrateyourself_coach

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